Friday, August 3, 2012

7S COG.....................

I got a Cog about a month ago.
After much deliberation I went for the 6' 3" not the 6' 6".
There is plenty of volume even at that size and having used it almost exclusively since I got it I am over the moon with it. It paddles like a minimal, the huge concave glides onto the smallest of waves and keeps going through the flats. It has performed well in waist high mush to overhead.
I had never ridden a quad before and that is my preferred set-up, with Stretch SF4's.
After so many years riding longer boards the fun this has brought to my surfing is incredible. I seriously thought my days of boards under 6' 6" were over.
What should I try next....................................???

Update 15 Sept: I see a few people coming here to check my post. If you are thinking of getting a Cog I am really, really buzzing about mine. It's the only board I have ridden for three months!

ps; I am 5' 10" 83kg's and 57 years young, been surfing for 38 years so far........... Update 6th August 2013; Well the board is now over a year old and showing signs of wear. Underneath, the nose has collapsed against the stringer. making for a weird double concave! I keep my boards in good bags all the time when not in use and never leave them exposed to full sun. I guess the old adage 'you get what you pay for' rings true in this instance. I always thought the glassing is what would let it down and it has. However, should this really have happened? Are boards in this price bracket just expected to die sooner rather than later? Would I get another 7S?..........................probably not….
I did this Posca work last year and then, would you believe GSI come along with the 2014 model of the Cog.


  1. thanks for the review. I'm looking into buying one of these, and weigh about 175lbs. How do you feel about the sizing? I'm having the same debate between the 6'6" and the 6'3"

  2. I would go for the 6' 3", no worries felipz. What do you ride now?
    I dropped down to mine and really glad I choose that size.
    Let me know how you get on with it.

  3. Hi Phil,

    I too am interested in the Cog. They look great - I like a shorter board - but am getting older (and a bit slower at 46). I'm pretty sure the cog is the answer for me - but I haven't seen one in person -- how does the quality seem? Is it a super thin glass job or something that might hold up for a few years? Thanks, TT. I'm trying to figure out 6'3" or 6" next...

    1. Hi Milton,

      As I have said it's a great board and a lot of fun.
      Having used it exclusively for six months or so it is starting to show some wear and tear, the glass is thin so I put a tailpad on almost straight away to protect from duck-diving.
      When/if the board dies on me I would probably go to my local shaper and get a copy done with a stronger glass job and a tint, maybe a centre box to try as a single.
      You say 6' 3" or ? you missed a digit.

  4. Phil,

    Great review! I ride a 6'6" 7S Superfish and it has been fun. I'm 5'9" 56 Kg's and 25-yrs-old. My problem is, I live about ten hours from the California coast. This translates to 3-4 surf trips a year unfortunately. I am thinking about getting the 6" or 6'3"COG. Do you think the 6" would be a problem with my limited time in the water? Thanks.

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your comments. I think the 6' 0" will be fine for you, considering your age and weight. It really is a wave magnet and takes off on anything.
      My advice, move closerto the sea !!!!!!

    2. Thanks Phil, just sold my superfish, going for the COG!!

  5. I just got a Cog 6'3". It's an unbelievable board. It's the middle of winter and the waves are pumping, I've surfed it in some very challenging 6'-8' beach breaks and it has not disappointed. Everyone in and out of the water asks about it. I'm riding it as a 4 fin and it's super responsive, you can put it where you want it to go and it generates a lot of speed.

  6. Hi Phil.
    I am 27 years old, 5'6" and 70 kgs. I currently ride a 6'0" 7s fuse with 29Ltr, but i think i need a little more volume than that to surf here in south florida. Do you think i should get the 7s cog 5'9" (31.4Ltr) or the 6'0" (33.4Ltr)?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Franco, maybe the 6 footer would be better IMHO, based on your weight.

  7. Hello I'm 15 weigh 68 kg and are 180 cm tall I am wanting to make the transfer from a minimal to a shortboard.I would be getting the 6'6 7s cog 2014 model is it still worth it and what else do you recommend that's on the market which is a decent shortboard. At a decent price
    Thank you loved the review